“The last year has been very eye-opening for me.

As I have been approaching my late 20s, I noticed that I had serious problems with:

– my ability to manage stress in my busy lifestyle, and my inability to advance in my career

– my various addictions (some very simple and obvious, and some complex and invisible)

– my ability to live in the moment – my behaviour as a result of bad past experiences and trauma from my childhood/teen years

– my relationship with my food, and ability to appreciate it

– my ability to love myself and how it can affect my emotional/physical health and my relationships with people

With Debora’s help, I have started dealing with these things, and it has drastically improved my life! And it gets better everyday… It takes a whole life to create these problems, and therefore, it takes a lot of effort to eliminate them as well.

But thanks to Caule, I was able to identify them as a first step and get direction in treating them.

Débora spent alot of time with me and used a practical and methodical approach in determining the root of these problems and how they feed each other in a vicious cycle. Furthermore, she has been able to show me what steps (little and big) I can take to be the best version of myself and live better.

Débora has an incredible ability and knowledge with which she can guide me through the problem solving process and identify creative solutions that I had never considered.

I am grateful for the opportunities and the ability to live better today and tomorrow.”