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Are you a Highly-Sensitive Person?

 Dear friend,This morning when I woke up, I couldn’t stop thinking about the things I wanted to do.Since these speed light thoughts aren’t that healthy to start my day with, I did 40min meditation to slow down.Now, my mind is quite empty. I don’t know if it is because yesterday was a very intense day in… Continue reading Are you a Highly-Sensitive Person?

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Constant Change And Its Lessons

It is January 2019. In January 2016 I moved to Austria. In 2017 I moved to Italy. Since then I had to move to a new house 6 times. Yup, 6 times. The 7th time is coming soon and then the 8th for sure. I would love to share with you guys what I have… Continue reading Constant Change And Its Lessons

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Health what? Health Coach?

Hello again! I am sure at this point you've heard way too many times the term Health Coach. If you ever stopped to ask what it means, I am sure you got answers such as "It is not a Nutrition nor a Psychologist", "It is like a Psychologist in addition helps you out with food",… Continue reading Health what? Health Coach?

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Meditation: Easier than you think!

I used to meditate listening to Pink Floyd before even knowing what meditation was.I would switch off all the lights in my room, put the headphones on, sit on the ground and listen to pink floyd. For the following 30-40 min the little Débora would do nothing but listening to Guilmor's voice and Mason's drumms attentevely. After… Continue reading Meditation: Easier than you think!