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Why choosing Organic food?

Organic or not organic… Some think it is a way companies found to charge more for vegetables and fruits, others buy ONLY organic and even some of us don’t really know what it means. What is the real difference between a 0,75eur/kg apple and a 2,79eur/kg bio apple? Is it really worth it to buy… Continue reading Why choosing Organic food?

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Music and its healing capacities

Hey again! I have to admit that I was planning to write about something completly different, but then NOS ALIVE happened. 3 days filled with music and joy made me think about the effect of music on my mood and the people around me. And when I noticed I was searching about the ability of… Continue reading Music and its healing capacities

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The power of a Morning Ritual

Starting your day right is very important in order to have the right mood, mindset and energy during your day. Some of us leave the bed in the last minute, have a shower in 2 min and grab something for brekfast on the way to work. I used to do that and after sometime I… Continue reading The power of a Morning Ritual

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1 Simple Exercise to Restore Inner Connection

Nowadays our lives are full. Full of experiences, people, advertising, clothes, food, stores, activities, books, tv shows, facebook friends and so much more. It’s easy to get distracted by all these inputs and we tend to lose the sensitivity to understand what contributes to our wellbeing. And then, as it is not enough there’s work.… Continue reading 1 Simple Exercise to Restore Inner Connection

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A deeper look at Plastic and #PlasticFreeJuly

The goal of this blog, as you know, is to make our lives simpler and healthier. Since we share this Planet and our lives with other beings, it is crucial to contribute for a healthy environment therefore we can all find harmony. Today is a very important day. Not only because it is the blog’s… Continue reading A deeper look at Plastic and #PlasticFreeJuly