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Meditation: Easier than you think!

I used to meditate listening to Pink Floyd before even knowing what meditation was.I would switch off all the lights in my room, put the headphones on, sit on the ground and listen to pink floyd. For the following 30-40 min the little Débora would do nothing but listening to Guilmor's voice and Mason's drumms attentevely. After… Continue reading Meditation: Easier than you think!

Exercises, Life Style, Music, Selfdevelopment, Simplicity

6 Essential steps to Achieve Goals

Hey again! I apologise for my absence around here. I have been through some difficult times in my world. As  you know I like to make everything simpler and focus on what needs more attention. And so I did. Well, here I am again ready to write! This week post is about being focus. If… Continue reading 6 Essential steps to Achieve Goals

Awareness, Life Style, Mindfulness, Music, Simplicity

Music and its healing capacities

Hey again! I have to admit that I was planning to write about something completly different, but then NOS ALIVE happened. 3 days filled with music and joy made me think about the effect of music on my mood and the people around me. And when I noticed I was searching about the ability of… Continue reading Music and its healing capacities