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Your Winter’s best friend: Golden Milk

Golden Milk is an Indian drink full of benefits for us! It started to gain attention in Western World when Westerners started to be more and more interested in the Indian culture. Yoga, meditation, curry lentils and now Golden Milk! You can our Indian friends for that! Personally, I find it a very pleasant drink.… Continue reading Your Winter’s best friend: Golden Milk

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6 Essential steps to Achieve Goals

Hey again! I apologise for my absence around here. I have been through some difficult times in my world. As  you know I like to make everything simpler and focus on what needs more attention. And so I did. Well, here I am again ready to write! This week post is about being focus. If… Continue reading 6 Essential steps to Achieve Goals

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Smoothie or Juice? – The Guide

Hey again! Summer is always a synonym for ice creams, cold drinks, fruits, smoothies, juices and sometimes a glass of white wine. As you might notice with my smoothie recipe, I am a smoothie fan. Yet sometimes I find myself in the indecision between a juice or a smoothie. I bet you can relate!  The question… Continue reading Smoothie or Juice? – The Guide

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A guide to choose your water bottle

Hello Again! After reading my Plastic Free July Post and other info during July you might ended up considering buying a reusable water bottle. If you did... Great! If not, you still have time to go back read all about it. Buying a reusable bottle not only reduce the plastic waste on the Planet but it also… Continue reading A guide to choose your water bottle

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Why choosing Organic food?

Organic or not organic… Some think it is a way companies found to charge more for vegetables and fruits, others buy ONLY organic and even some of us don’t really know what it means. What is the real difference between a 0,75eur/kg apple and a 2,79eur/kg bio apple? Is it really worth it to buy… Continue reading Why choosing Organic food?

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Music and its healing capacities

Hey again! I have to admit that I was planning to write about something completly different, but then NOS ALIVE happened. 3 days filled with music and joy made me think about the effect of music on my mood and the people around me. And when I noticed I was searching about the ability of… Continue reading Music and its healing capacities

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Simple Banana Smoothie

A green smoothie a day not only helps to detoxify your body  but also makes your mornings easier. You can make it in 3 min and drinking on the way to work or simply drink it in peace in bed. Here you have one of my favourite smoothie recipe!   Ingredients 1 ripe banana (or… Continue reading Simple Banana Smoothie