Hi there!

I am Débora, the face of Caule.

I am a portuguese girl based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) after living in Milan (Italy) and Varkala (India)

I am multi-passionate person.

I love Travelling. I love food. Buy it, cook it and especially eat it. I enjoy being active and in my spare time I like to explore my (low) skills on watercolor paintings. I also read and write for fun.

I have a Bachelor’s degree on Tourism Management and I am Certified Holistic Health Coach by  Institute for Integrative Nutrition . (Yeah, pretty related, I know.)

In Caule I share my work and show you that being healthy is simple.

Here the goal is helping to find the balance through simplicity.

Caule is a portuguese word for stalk which is the main stem of a plant. It is the support of a leaf, flower, or fruit.

As fruits, plants and leaves we need strong and nourished stalks in order to grow healthy.

This project was born to help me and you to build a stronger “Caule”. It shows us we can do better than ready-to-go meals. We can be and feel better. We can be healthier, more energetic, more calm, less anxious, less stressed. The solution? Simplicity.

Caule will help you and me to reach a balanced life through simplicity. Simplicity in the very sense of the word. We delete distractions and bad energies in order to focus on the simple pleasures in our life. We focus on our own Caule, in ourselves.

Caule has a mission and that mission is to show you that we don’t need much in order to be healthier and happier. A decluttered life is possible. A life where you feel calm and focus is there for you.

Here we talk about Holistic Health. It is not only about the food we eat but also what we hear, feel and give. We explore and share thoughts, experiences, food, people, arts and every single thing that catches our interest.

We’re talking about a journey. In which not only food matters. A journey where everything around us matters. From the food we put in our plate, our feelings, your co-worker energy to our planet. A journey where you explore what makes you feel good, where you are aware of your abilities as well as your weaknesses. We are not talking about expensive yoga classes, low carb diets or green morning smoothies. We are talking about your own journey.

I have seen many people with potential losing themselves by meaningless tasks. It is hard to focus on what really matters. There are way to many things to do, to take care of and to pay attention to. It is harder and harder to have a clear mind.  We have no money, we are tired, stressed and unbalanced.

Finding balance is easier than we think. It starts by hearing our own body. Then we make the best we can everyday to become physical and mentally healthier. We show the love we feel for ourselves and the people we care about. Easy, isn’t it?

After writing in the classic post format I came to the conclusion that my Caule would be happier if I write the wait I love the most – the letter format.

So there you have, letters from a Health Coach about life and balance.

Join us! I hope they enrich your Caule!

Live the simplicity!

Sunny hugs,