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Health what? Health Coach?

Hello again!

I am sure at this point you’ve heard way too many times the term Health Coach. If you ever stopped to ask what it means, I am sure you got answers such as “It is not a Nutrition nor a Psychologist”, “It is like a Psychologist in addition helps you out with food”, “it is a person who helps you to improve your lifestyle”. AAAAAAND it is confusing, right?

So, here I am, after all these tea cups and study sessions. A Health Coach explaining what it means and what we work on.


First of all, let’s start from what a Health Coach is not.

A Health Coach is not a Psychologist . A Health Coach is not a Nutritionist or a Dietitian. So we won’t give you a set of rules to follow. We won’t give you a full report of what is allowed in your die. And lastly, a Health coach is not a Personal Trainer.

A Health Coach won’t prescribe you any medication, diets or give you work out plans.

A Health Coach does not replace any of those professionals mentioned above. We rather work in cooperation with all of them!

In a perfect world, you’d have your own PT, Psychologist, Nutrition and Health Coach. We all have different yet important roles in your life.

As IIN mentions clearly “A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority helping clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes by tailoring individualized wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs. “

A Health Coach is someone that help you feeling better, brigther and colorful!

How Health Coaching works?

Health Coaching starts with a first session where you meet your potential Health Coach. From there, you need to figure out if you both would like to work with each other for 6 months.

The Health Coach programs have a duration of 6 months because it is scientifically proved that we – complex human beings can only embrace changes in our lives if we have done it for 6 months. Yup, we need to make sure we dive in it!

The HC programs do not work all in the same way, essentially because every Health Coach has their own way to approach different issues and they organize their own program the way they consider the best.

Nonetheless we all have the same goal – helping you to achieve your goals in terms of your own Health in a Holistic perspective. 

Health for us doesn’t mean eating “clean”, going to the gym 6 times a week and skipping all the parties in order to avoid the highly desired mojito.

We explore areas in your life that YOU feel you need give attention to. From Spirituality, Relationships, Finances, Diet, Physical Activity and much more.

We go straight to the root of your problems by giving you time to talk about the important areas of your life, encouraging you to explore hobbies and interests, give you tools to experiment with food and unknown super foods, guide you through different physical activity…Basically we are here to make sure you adapt a healthier behavior in your daily life.

The Caule Program

As I mention before, my BIG BIG goal with this project, therefore with my Health Coach Program is to help you building a stronger Caule by cleaning out all the old and weak leaves.

My program will help you to reach a balanced life through simplicity. Simplicity in the very sense of the word. I will guide you on deleting distractions and bad energies. The Caule program will help you focus on the simple pleasures in your life.

The program will help you to understand we don’t need much in order to be healthier and happier. A decluttered life is possible. A life where you feel calm and focus.

This program has a holistic approach where matters not only what you eat but also what you hear, feel and give.

I will guide you into your own journey of discovering who you are, what makes your Caule glowing of happiness, what aligns you – what really matters!

If you are up to discover more about this program and willing to work with me Hit up the button for a free session and let me know!

Much love,

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