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Smoothie or Juice? – The Guide

Hey again!

Summer is always a synonym for ice creams, cold drinks, fruits, smoothies, juices and sometimes a glass of white wine.

As you might notice with my smoothie recipe, I am a smoothie fan.

Yet sometimes I find myself in the indecision between a juice or a smoothie. I bet you can relate!  The question is: Do you know what is the difference between these two? Which one is the best for you and why?

Let’s find out.

Master the Concepts

Before anything else, it is extremely important to understand the difference between these two lovely drinks.



In order to obtain a lovely juice we juice fruits and vegetables. In this process the pulp is separated from the juice. We have two different outputs: the pulp that contain fibers and the juice which contains the most minerals, nutrients and antioxidants.


A smoothie is obtained through blending fruits and vegetabes. We combine all ingredients. So we end up having everything in a cup: antioxidants, fibers, minerals and antioxidants!


A nutrient is a substance essential to an organism to grow, survive and reproduce. There are two types of nutrients: micronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).


Antioxidants are compounds that help prevent or stop cell damage caused by oxidants in our body.

The most famous are: Flavonols in chocolate ; Resveratrol in grapes and wine and lycopene in tomatoes. Vitamin A, C and E are also antioxidants.


Fibers are plant components that our digestive enzymes cannot break down completely. They can be soluble ou insoluble. We find them in plants and vegetables. They are extremely helpful to our digestive system since they help it to eliminate the toxins out  of our system.


Minerals are a type of nutrients essential for the maintenance of life . They help living systems to perform very important functions for life.


Vitamins are essential to life. They support immune system and allo cells and organs to maintain their functions.

image_6483441 (1)

The benefits




Pulp and insoluble Fibers

Smoothies are whole vegetables and fruits combined. Nutrients, minerals and fibers – you have it all!

Since the insoluble fiber helps slow digestion, you feel full for longer period of time.


Juicers separate the pulp from the juice, leaving the soluble fiber, which is easier digested and passed into the bloodstream. This allow your digestive system to expel out toxins and waste of your body easily.


Nutrient Release Speed

The insoluble fibers release energy more sustainably. It helps to keep your blood sugar balanced. It is very helpful when you need to control your appetite between meals.

Juices are basically a concentrated nutrient bomb! It is a beautiful solution when you look for an energy boost before that workout or when you feel your energy levels down.


Nutrient and Antioxidant Absorption Rates

Indigestible fibers may meet some nutrients and never leave them! What happen next? Both of them are expelled by your digest system, leaving you with fewer nutrients in your body to be absorbed .

Nutrients and antioxidants are quickly absorbed since there is no fiber, and go directly into your bloodstream.



The Bottom Line

Juicing or blending? Well, it depends of your needs and taste. Some of us prefer the creaminess of a smoothie others the sweetness of a juice in a hot day.

The truth is: they are both benefitial to our health and are a great way to rise our vegetables and fruits intake. However they are also packed with sugar. Yes, it is natural sugar but it is still sugar!

I strongly suggest to keep in mind that and also to have them throughout the year and adapt them to your health needs.

In sum, they are great to our health as long you have them with balance. Let’s not forget our bio-individuality and how they can impact people lives in different ways.

I hope this guide is helpful to your life.

In the meantime, enjoy the simplicity of these summer days and the good vibes!




*This info was obtained through my own search and information provided by my Nutrition School – Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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