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The power of a Morning Ritual

Starting your day right is very important in order to have the right mood, mindset and energy during your day.

Some of us leave the bed in the last minute, have a shower in 2 min and grab something for brekfast on the way to work. I used to do that and after sometime I realized my mindset during the way was nothing but “Fast, Fast, Fast”. I ended up rushing everything even if there was the need to.

So for 1 week I woke up 30min/1hour earlier and included the so called Morning Ritual.

But what is a morning ritual? – you might ask.

A morning ritual is something you do in a specific order in the beginning of your day. It’s the set of activities you do when you wake up. I could also call it routine but it is quite different. Routine you follow because it is the way it is.  When you have a morning ritual you connect with yourself. It is not the boring routine of waking up, shower eat and leave.

With a morning ritual you add meaning to your activities, to your morning and days. You connect with the your inner self and with the universe.

We can say that a morning ritual has as a goal the connection with yourself, whereas a routine has as a goal to get ready and leave. 

Giving yourself some time and the opportunity to choose your morning ritual puts you in the beautiful spot of alignment with you and your purpose. The purpose of your day, your week and your life.

It is important to feel connect and realize you have the power to choose your path. Therefore, morning ritual it is essential to empower you to have the life you want.

How should your morning ritual be?

image_6483441 (3).JPG

First of all, there is not a correct formula for the perfect morning ritual. Every person is different so will be the rituals. Therefore I don’t expect you to start your day the way I start mine. (you can get an idea of mine in this previous post)

There are 4 important things you have to have in order to have a successful morning ritual.

1 –  You have to like your ritual. There is no point of waking up earlier and investing your time on something that is a chore for you.

2 – Take time to understand how you like to start your days. Try out different activities until you find the perfect ritual.

3 – You gotta be consistent. Only consistence will show you the benefits of your ritual.

4 – Set the amount of time you will be dedicated to your ritual. You can only enjoying your ritual if you know there is no need to rush and you have those 10-20 min (as much as you like) to focus on yourself and not worrying about the time.

As I wrote above your morning ritual is only yours. There is no need to please anyone. Only yourself.

You can divide your ritual into 4 steps:

1-  Body hydration – you can start you moning by drink a big cup of water. Brush your teeth first in order to eliminate the toxins present in your mouth.

In these step feel free to do some experiences with warm water with lemon, morning shots or water with pink salt to make the hydration process more interesting for your body.

2 – Spiritual practice – I suggest to start your day with silence and being present. I highly recommend meditation. However if meditation isn’t your thing you can still invest your time in listening your body, being aware of how you feel and focus on the silence for a while. 5 to 10 min of silence and body focus is enough. After that you can also give yourself some time to journal about 3 things that you are grateful for. It is known by one of the best exercises to boost your happiness. 

3-  Body activation – this step can be body stretching, walks, 10 min yoga, anything that wakes up your body in a smooth and pleasant way.

4 – Body nourishment – Food, food, food! Food is very important to nurture our body and give us energy. However, if you are like me you might have realized you feel more energized if you actually skip breakfast. In these case, you keep this step for later.

For the morning birds that enjoy having breakfast, I advice to enjoy a light delicious breakfast so your body doesn’t start the day stressed by the digestive process. You might have a chia pudding, a smoothie or some light pancakes. Have what makes you happy, so you nourish your body and soul!

In Conclusion,
Morning ritual isn’t a common routine. It is something you do mindfully. It must be something that you enjoy so give yourself some time to experiment different activities.

Morning ritual is YOUR ritual so it won’t be like mine or your friend’s ritual. The goal is to find alignment with your purpose and to start the day the way you feel happy.

So experiment, try and change rituals is completely fine. There is not a right way to do it. Enjoy the process of discover the best way to salute your days.

Thank you for being there!

Enjoy your week and the simplicity!





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