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Welcome to Caule. Welcome to my Epiphany

Go for a walk.

Take nothing but your clothes and your keys, if necessary.

Try to stay out at least 30 min. Be open to your surroundings. What do you see? Cars? Buildings? People? Shops? Coffee shops? Trees? A park? A lake? The sea? Go back to the people you saw before. Focus your energy on them. What are they doing? What are they wearing? What are they talking about?

Focus on yourself, now. Close your eyes. What do you feel? From your head to toes. What do you feel? Is your head heavy or light? Is there any tension in your shoulders or back? Are you muscles relaxed or stiff? How are your legs? Are they sore?

Try to remember the last time you did this exercise. How frequently you do this? Never? How often are you present in each moment? Do you live mindfully?

Well, that’s the reason why I am writing to you right now.


I walk around and I have the opportunity to observe the people around me. They jog while talking about work on the phones, they rush to catch a metro that will be right there again for them in 2 minutes. They try to coordinate their fast pace with their on-the-go lunch. Yes, they also walk slow. With their phone in hands and their head low until they crash against someone or something ‘else.

You, me and them have something in common. First of all, we are human beings, secondly we have a highly complicated sphere around us that we tend to make it even more complicated. However the most important point in common is: We are not present and we don’t know how to.

I see people distracted from reality. They’re not present. They’re not there. They’re completely immerse in somewhere ‘else.

We blame society. Society push us away from ourselves. We work too much, we have too many things to do, we have no time to prepare a healthy lunch and no energy for nothing but a ready-to-go lasagne for dinner. We are stressed, anxious, tired and overweight. We have no time and we blame everything’s else but ourselves.

But what if I tell you that isn’t society’s fault? What if you can actually change the way you feel on your own?

For that reason, I welcome you to Caule.

What is caule? You may ask.  Caule besides everything above is my own epiphany.

Caule is a portuguese word for stalk which is the main stem of a plant. It is the support of a leaf, flower, or fruit.

As fruits, plants and leaves we need strong and nourished stalks in order to grow healthy.

This project was born to help me and you to build a stronger “Caule”. It shows us we can do better than ready-to-go meals. We can be and feel better. We can be healthier, more energetic, more calm, less anxious, less stressed. The solution? Simplicity.

Caule will help you and me to reach a balanced life through simplicity. Simplicity in the very sense of the word. We delete distractions and bad energies in order to focus on the simple pleasures in our life. We focus on our own Caule, in ourselves.

Caule has a mission and that mission is to show you that we don’t need much in order to be healthier and happier. A decluttered life is possible. A life where you feel calm and focus is there for you.

Here we talk about Holistic Health. It is not only about the food we eat but also what we hear, feel and give. We explore and share thoughts, experiences, food, people, arts and every single thing that catches our interest.

We’re talking about a journey. A journey where not only food matters. A journey where everything around us matters. From the food we put in our plate, our feelings, your co-worker energy to our planet. A journey where you explore what makes you feel good, where you are aware of your abilities as well as your weaknesses. We are not talking about expensive yoga classes, low carb diets or green morning smoothies. We are talking about your own journey.

Here we make our life simpler. We aspire to be aware of our surroundings, simple and healthier.

Stay tuned for a life with less but better.  Stay tuned for some of my typos, and dyslexia.

Welcome to Caule.

Caule is for me, for you, for us.



*Para as pessoas que tenham um certo grau de dificuldade com a língua inglesa, estarei sempre à disposição para esclarer qualquer dúvida em qualquer momento deste projecto*

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