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1 Simple Exercise to Restore Inner Connection

Nowadays our lives are full. Full of experiences, people, advertising, clothes, food, stores, activities, books, tv shows, facebook friends and so much more.

It’s easy to get distracted by all these inputs and we tend to lose the sensitivity to understand what contributes to our wellbeing.

And then, as it is not enough there’s work. I mean, we need a mean to survive no?

In the end, we have no escape. There’s no time to explore our abilities, desires and passions.  We spend less and less time with ourselves. We are failing on keep the connection with our body, mind and soul. 

So, what to do? What you can really do to restore this connection?


Time to time I wonder how was like living in Renaissance (that starts to happen regularly when you live and travel in Italy).

In Renaissance Era Europe was amazingly packed by these wonderful thinkers, painters, sculptors, artists and creators.

These people would explore, study and develop ideas in the deepest way possible and also improve their skills no matter what it was.

I wonder what happen. Why in our modern advanced-technology world people tend to not explore much. “Everything is already made” is a current thought.

We seem less able to explore, discover, create and be curious. “Common” people seem less skilled. We wake up, work and go home. Fortunately, we are skilled enough to be good on what we do for living. However, our desires, art-related skills seem to be forgotten.

It’s hard for me to believe we are no longer that curious. It’s even harder to believe that we have no skills to explore, develop and discover.

So, help me here. What is it? What we had in the Renaissance Era and some other wonderful Eras in history that we don’t have now? Or what do we have today that we didn’t have before?

Well, we do have a lot of things now. The problem is that the amount of things is immensely exaggerated. Besides that we are missing a big big important component that maybe was part of Da Vinci daily-life. What is it? Simplicity.

Leonardo Da Vinci and so many other artists had not only talent (of course) but also a simple life.

By simple I don’t mean low income, a small house or basic meals.

All I am saying is that they didn’t have many distractions. Can you imagine Da Vinci being interrupted by all these ads on the way home disturbing his thoughts? There were none. Da Vinci didn’t get lost on youtube watching videos of a guy punching a kangaroo (very cool video, by the way) neither Dante was constantly interrupted by Facebook notifications while trying to write Divine Comedy.

Think about it.

We keep being interrupted by superfluous stimulus and we don’t know how to stop them.

So what to do next? How can we fix it?

First you have to be aware how all these inputs calling for your attention are actually affecting you and your daily performance.

So please, get a blank sheet and invest some time doing this exercise.

Go through your last days.

How did your days started? Did you start your day scrolling instagram? What did you achieve in these days? Where and when were your most focused moments?

Now, think about the times you were interrupted. How many times? By what? By whom?

See, this is a very important exercice. You can only improve something you acknowledge that needs to be improved.

After doing these exercise for some days I realized that I often got interrupted by facebook notifications, those 5min instagram that became a 30min journey and other social media distractions.

What was my solution? Deleting facebook notifications. That was it. A whole life was open for me!

There was no superfluous info and stupid events asking for my attention.

So, I guess I need to publicly apologise to my facebook friends for the past and present messages that waited and are still waiting for my answer. I  probably won’t answer them soon but I still I owe you an apology. The truth is: I didn’t see them!

Now in my phone I only keep my whatsapp (silence) notifications since it is where I talk to my closest friends, family and boyfriend. I mean, who wants to miss a randomly meeting for a glass of wine?

Since then my day starts smoothly. I wake up with the alarm (from my phone. Please, don’t judge me); I open the window and see how is the weather like; I do the normal routine (brushing my teeth and so on); I water my plants while the water for my tea or coffee boils.

Once my tea or coffee is ready, I sit in my balcony trying to not think about anything at all and after that I spend some time meditating.

I can do all of these in the same amount of time that I used to spend scrolling down instagram, go through emails and facebook notifications. Man, life got so much better!

My mind is much more calm throughout the day and I feel ready for whatever it comes on my way. I also realized my ability of deciding what to focus on became much better.

I hope you don’t end up thinking that I am a freak against technology. I love it. I mean, how amazing is to chat with your Australian friend in real time, having  a blog to share your ideas and store all your favourite songs in your phone? It is amazing! I just realized that it became a huge distraction.

I  suggest to find a balance if you need to. We tend to lose connection with ourselves over technology and other superfluous things. Only with balance we can restore that connection.

Well, that was an example how I brought more simplicity into my life! For me was about technology, for you can be something else. Either way you are able to find the balance!

So, tell me, what are your daily distractions? How your morning looks like?

I encourage you to do this exercise and understand what it is blocking you from developing your skills and becoming the next Gil Vicente, Giotto or Michelangelo. Or maybe just more present in your daily life. It’s up to you!

Let us know how this experience worked for you and challenge your friends to do the same!

If you want to explore more about the subject I advice you to watch this incredible ted talk on social media

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to bring more simplicity into you life!



*Para as pessoas que tenham um certo grau de dificuldade com a língua inglesa, estarei sempre à disposição para esclarer qualquer dúvida em qualquer momento deste projecto*

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